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4×4 cars have always been our passion which over the years has escalated into our lifestyle. This is why we’ve decided to get into the automotive and offroad industry, including an online shop and car detailing services. We’ve spent thousands of kilometers behind the wheels of the most legendary and well known Jeep cars, that is how we’ve gathered knowledge, lots of experience as well as individual approach to every single vehicle. We always do our best to turn our effort into a full satisfaction of the customers, because You are the motor of our activities. Every fully satisfied customer is a great source of our own satisfaction and a motivation to continuous progress.



Misiek Garage


We’d like to assure you, that your car given under our care will be treated in a special and unique way, which at the same time allows us to provide the highest level of customer service and focus on details. Constant participation in many different trainings and obtaining our qualifications let us to provide services even for the newest cars.


The comprehensive car service by Misiek Garge includes:

  • On board diagnostics (OBD),
  • Electrical and electronical services,
  • Fluids change,
  • Brake system repairs,
  • Engine and drive train repairs,
  • Suspensions,
  • Professional steering gear and power steering pump regenerations.







Our company is not only a traditional car service but also a comprehensive offroad modification shop. We offer:

  • Suspension lifts and conversions,
  • Winch assemblies,
  • Fender flares assemblies,
  • External and internal cold air intake systems assemblies (snorkels),
  • Steel bumpers, pipe bumpers (models on special requests also),
  • Led, HID and halogen lighting,
  • Roof racks,
  • Exhaust systems,
  • Engines and drive trains tuning and swaps.


We’re looking forward to meet all the expectations and want you to know that we’ll pursue your individual projects and ideas.



Jeep Wrangler JK

  • kompletny lift Clayton 3,5 cala,
  • regulowane amortyzatory Fox,
  • amortyzator skrętu Fox,
  • osłona stabilizatora Rough Country,
  • przedni zderzak Smittybilt,
  • bull bar Smittybilt,
  • tylny zderzak Smittybilt,
  • wyciągarka SmittyBilt z liną syntetyczną,
  • opony Procomp AT 315/70 R17,
  • nakrętki do felg Procomp,
  • felgi aluminiowe Procomp 5183.
  • Stainless steel extended and braided brake hoses,
  • Steering gear relay link,
  • RCP steel bumpers,
  • RCP side steps,
  • RCP diff covers,
  • 33” Cooper STT Tires.

Jeep Wrangler JK

  • Led lighting assembly,
  • Rear axle cover assembly.

Jeep Wrangler JK

  • Lowering side step bars assembly,
  • Asfit tie rod covers assembly,
  • Rough Coutry muffler cover assembly.

Jeep Cherokee XJ (Lift 4,5″)

  • 4.5” Rough Country springs,
  • Full Rough Country leafs,
  • Rough Country X- FLEX arms,
  • Adjustable stabilizer connectors,
  • Rough Country N20 shock absorbers,
  • Rough Country steering damper,
  • RCP lowering arms,
  • Adjustable Rough Country panhard rod,
  • Stainless steel extended and braided brake hoses,
  • Steering gear relay link,
  • 33” Cooper STT Tires,
  • Fender flares assembly soon.

Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ (Lift 4,5”)

  • 4.5” Rubicon Express springs,
  • RCP adjustable arms,
  • Extended stabilizer connectors,
  • Bilstein B6 shock absorbers,
  • Adjustable panhard rods,
  • Steering gear relay link,
  • 32” Toyo MT tires.


The parallel activity of MG is an adaptation the vehicles to run on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Our installations are a firm evidence that it’s possible to convert your car into LPG to provide you a long-term and non-problematic vehicle operation. The pleasure of listening to a growling v8 sound not necessarily has to cause an increasing debt on your bank account and finally- divorce. Properly selected, installed and set LPG system doesn’t cause any inconvenience to its user and technical problems to the engine. You won’t hear us telling you that the check engine light on and noticeable power loss is a normal thing.

Deciding to convert your car into LPG in our workshop you can be sure that:

  • All the LPG components will be selected in the most appropriate way, according to the engine power and displacement,
  • Intake manifold will be removed to drill and install LPG injectors properly and to avoid the cuttings of metal from being sucked into the engine,
  • You won’t find the omnipresent cables and wires under the bonnet making the engine’s compartment difficult to access,
  • Every vehicle we convert into LPG is set in a real time traffic conditions with the use of AFR sensors,
  • All the components will be installed according to the manufacturers’ and general requirements standards.





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