The parallel activity of MG is an adaptation the vehicles to run on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Our installations are a firm evidence that it’s possible to convert your car into LPG to provide you a long-term and non-problematic vehicle operation. The pleasure of listening to a growling v8 sound not necessarily has to cause an increasing debt on your bank account and finally- divorce. Properly selected, installed and set LPG system doesn’t cause any inconvenience to its user and technical problems to the engine. You won’t hear us telling you that the check engine light on and noticeable power loss is a normal thing.

Deciding to convert your car into LPG in our workshop you can be sure that:

  • All the LPG components will be selected in the most appropriate way, according to the engine power and displacement,
  • Intake manifold will be removed to drill and install LPG injectors properly and to avoid the cuttings of metal from being sucked into the engine,
  • You won’t find the omnipresent cables and wires under the bonnet making the engine’s compartment difficult to access,
  • Every vehicle we convert into LPG is set in a real time traffic conditions with the use of AFR sensors,
  • All the components will be installed according to the manufacturers’ and general requirements standards.

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